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Jill's Cancer Blog

Cookbook Winners and Please Vote

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just had some yummy leftovers. Mash potatoes and pumpkin pie are my favorites. 

I drew the two winners of the cookbook today. They are Kathy and Kathee. HA! So Kathy's please private message me your mailing addresses and I will pass them on to Holly to send you a copy of her new cookbook. 

Also, could you all take a few mintes and vote for your favorite Health Blog. ;-) You can vote here:

You can find us on the second page (soon to be the first page ;-) or search for "Blog for a Cure". After you first hit vote you have to prove you are not a robot by clicking the I am not a robot box. That is at the top of the page. I had to scroll way up to find it. Then you have to look for an email and click the link to verify you are a human. You can vote once a day. The second time you vote you only have to click the I am not a robot box. You don't need to reverify via email the second time. 

What is your favorite dish on Thanksgiving?




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Admin, Pen sent you a hug.
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Don't forget you can vote every 24 hours! ;-)
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Congrats Kathy & Kathee! When you vote, you can share the link on FB and Twitter, I did hoping to rally some extra votes.
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Thanks!! I really appreciate it.
Woohoo!! Sending PM now 😍
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Congrats to the winners. I tried to vote using my phone, but no dice, so have to use a computer to register a vote. Hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving.
Shoot. I just tried on my phone and it was not easy. There was 4 steps. I am wondering where you got stuck. Did you ever get the "I am not a robot" check box? That was the first step after you put in your email address and hit vote.
John's right. Looks like you can't use an ipad either. If anyone figures it out, please let me know.
My husband said the same thing. I am going to look over his should and see if I can figure it out....
They don't make it easy.
First you get the "I'm not a robot"
Then you are given a picture puzzle...which in my opinion is not that clear.
Then you might or might not be given a prompt to confirm your email.. So if the picture puzzle doesn't go away after you select it...scroll down and look for a prompt that asks you to verify your email.
I'm just hoping that when they recount the votes, Jill will be president
Yeah, when I first voted they didn't give me the picture puzzle. But I have seen those. Thanks for sharing that. And it sounds like some people have to click the link to say verify my email and some don't. President?! ha! I would fail at that for sure. But it sounds like the same drawn out process. lol. ;-)
Will do! And congratulations to Kathy and Kathee.
THANK YOU! I have PM'd my address and I promise this cookbook is going to a well deserved lady who is in the middle of a breast cancer fight.

I have just voted - and will continue to do so - GREAT job Jill.
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Happy Birthday Jill. Thanks for all you do, be well and have a great day..
Thanks a ton Kevin you are so sweet!

♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday dear Jill ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Have a beautiful and blessed day ♫
♫ Love and Hugs ♫
♫ Joyce ♫
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Oh thanks a ton sweetie!! Hope you have a fantastic day!
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Happy Birthday Jill, hope it is a beautiful day for you!
Thanks a ton sweetie!!
Thank you, Jill, for my birthday wishes. I had a great birthday.
You are so welcome. I hope you had a fabulous birthday!
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Jill, thank you for the birthday wishes!
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T Shirt Sale

Jumping the gun on Black Friday and offering a T Shirt sale. I have a bunch of random sizes left in inventory so I am doing a buy one get one free. I am not sure how to do this in the PayPal shop I have set up. So you will need to purchase the size you want there and then just email me the color and size you want for your free one. I have pretty limited Men's sizes but a fair number of women's left.

Hope you are all well. I am so grateful for you all. 

Here is the link to the shop.



Susan J, Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
4 people sent you a hug.
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Hi, Jill
Just ordered through Paypal, and messaged you about my freebie size and color.
Thank you for all you do!
XOXO Sue💜💪🏽
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YOU are what I am grateful for!
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Thanks for keeping our blog rolling along Jill!
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jill!--Lucky
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Thanks so much for your birthday wish Jill. Couldn't be better. Hubby and I are in Dominican Republic at Cabarete Beach. Weather is glorious. Glad to be out of winter dreariness and into the sun. Always a breeze here. They call this place the CANADIAN ISLAND, because of the number of Canadians who comb here. Off to the beach. Take care
That sounds amazing. You deserve it. I am going to have to google this place. Maybe put it on my wish list for a vacation. I am always looking for a beach trip that is not too developed or crowded and i haven't heard of this one.
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When I get home I will try to remember to send you some photos. You would love this place. Most of the Canadians here have come for some time and spend 2 - 3 months here during the winter. You can find pretty good deals here, and the best part is the weather and the people. Honestly if I was a brave soul i would move here. Not quite ready for that step yet, but 2 months, definately. We paid $1100 Canadian for a month for a 1 Bedroom. That's a good price, so you probably are looking at 1200 - 1400 per month. If you share it, and take two weeks with hubby and the other couple take 2 then it's quite doable. Let me know if you want more info.
It looks awesome. I have already emailed my husband about it. We would most likely go next winter. So I maybe hitting you up for some more info at some point. We like to do one beach trip a year in the winter time. ;-)
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Thanks, Jill! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL To the most wonderful lady & her wonderful site Hugs Annabelle
Jill likes this comment
Happy Birthday Jill. What more can be said about what BFAC means to thousands of members, thank you for all you have done. xoxo...
Jill likes this comment
Left message on Helens page for you could get on here earlier THANK YOU JILL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you have helped so many people with this site. You're a very special person 😊😘❤️🎂🍷🍾🌹🎁
Jill likes this comment
Happy birthday Jill. Where does the time go?
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I know, that is what I am thinking. ;-)
Thank you for the birthday wishes and thank you for creating and maintaining this wonderful blog!
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Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Certainly better than last year, hospitalized from chemo at that time. Making up for it this year.
That is so great. Happy to hear you are doing well. Happy Birthday!!
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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


August 22, 2006

Boulder, Colorado 80304

August 7, 1970

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

September 26, 2005

Stage 1

Grade 1




I found a lump in my left breast while putting on my bra that snaps in the front. I don't think I would of found this if it wasn't for the placement of it being so close to the edge of my breast and close to the snap. I also would feel a tingling sensation in the area every now and then, sometimes it would itch a little.

I did six weeks of radiation starting on October 26, 2005. What a whirlwind those months were!

If you are interested in donating to Blog for a Cure please click here to make a donation. or mail your donations to: Blog for a Cure, LLC 2520 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80304 Thanks for your support!



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