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I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 26, 2005 and again on May 29, 2009, two time survivor. The months following the diagnoses were the hardest on me, my world totally changed. Now that I have recovered I hope to make it easier for a few people by creating this network of cancer survivors through blogging. My background is in web development and internet marketing so that was the way I knew how to give back. Develop and promote this community so other don't feel alone in this horrible battle. You need to find others who are going through something similar in order to feel sane. Sign up for your own cancer blog! It's FREE!

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August 22, 2006

Boulder, Colorado 80304

August 7, 1970

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Breast Cancer

September 26, 2005

Stage 1

Grade 1




I found a lump in my left breast while putting on my bra that snaps in the front. I don't think I would of found this if it wasn't for the placement of it being so close to the edge of my breast and close to the snap. I also would feel a tingling sensation in the area every now and then, sometimes it would itch a little.

I did six weeks of radiation starting on October 26, 2005. What a whirlwind those months were!

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